All Silkdancer silks are one of a kind, hand-dyed by Shaula. As such, each piece will be as special
and unique as you are. All silk items are produced from grade-A silk, the dyes used are known for their
brilliance and light-fastness, and each product is steamed for 2-3 hours. Steaming the silk sets the dye,
increases the brilliance of the color, enhances the sheen and allows the item to be dry-cleaned if necessary.

Caring for your Silk ~ Silk is a natural protein fiber, much like your own hair. Just as the shape
of your hair strand can create the curl and texture of hair, the unique molecular structure of the protein
gives silk its lustre. Silk fibers also bond well with dye molecules; it is color retentive and resistant to fading.
You may think silk needs extreme care, but silk thread is scientifically known for its high strength and
flexibility. C
are for it as if you were growing long hair. Infrequent washings with gentle baby shampoo or
fabric wash, in cool water and protect from UV light. Hang dry out of direct sunlight. (Like
many textiles,
too much sun drying may prematurely fade your silk
or weaken the fibers). For light refreshing, hang silk
in the bathroom when taking a shower and then put in the dryer on air fluff. For food or lipstick stains,
ask the manufacturer about dry cleaning, or spot hand wash with the same methods listed above. I find
gentle rubbing with fingers better than a cloth as rubbing against another fiber can cause small pulls in
the weave of the fabric. If you need to submerge the entire veil, use a large basin or tub
and gently swirl.
Do not wring the fabric, but place in the washer on the spin cycle to remove most of the water. Silks can
then be
hung to dry, placed in the dryer on low heat, or my preferred methods – ironed dry with a steam
iron set on a low to medium heat. I iron all my silks damp and they come out smooth as glass. Steam or a
fine water mist sprayed lightly on the silk while ironing may be used to get wrinkles out. To remove static,
it is safe to gently pass a dryer sheet over the silks. I do not recommend using static spray or dryer sheets
while drying
in the dryer as either may cause permanent spotting on the silk. When not dancing with me,
I store my silks out of direct light in a cool, dry closet. They are carefully folded over a very heavy gauge
steel hanger. Plastic hangers may also be used but they often warp over time, creating a sag and wrinkle
crease in the center of the hanging silk. Do not over-crowd your silks, this will prevent air from circulating
around them and also cause more wrinkles than preventing. Be wary of hangers padded with fabric unless
they are certified archival and acid-free. Many non-natural fibers can have a slight acid content and can
also cause discoloration, yellowing or fading. I have had some friends store their silk by wrapping them
around tubes from wrapping paper but again, these cardboard tubes can contain acid so I would advise
against them. Instead I would recommend a clean PVC pipe. Its light weight, high strength, and low
reactivity make it particularly well-suited to this purpose.

How Silkdancer Came about...
As an artist, Shaula has been drawn to color and beauty for as long as she can remember. Silkdancer strives
to share and express creativity while producing a quality product that will be cherished for years to come.
Since 2007, Shaula of Silkdancer has been bringing color to the dancing world. Her focus on creating
unique and beautiful silks, as well as the happiness of her customers has continually allowed Silkdancer to
double production each year since .........................................  
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Shaula  is a dancer, performer and instructor. Her objective is to strenghten the tradition of Belly Dance
through education and high quality performance technique, incorporating both traditional and cutting
edge fusion choreography. She is continually refining her technique and furthering her dance education
through workshops and private lessons. Her specialties include balancing, in particular double sword and
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